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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Learners will experience a slice of life as budding innovators, going through an exciting experiential learning journey that covers product concept creation to pitching with storytelling. They will participate in hackathons and conceptualise a product concept from scratch, from themes provided. 

Learners will be inspired by success stories of real-world startups and innovative products and services that resonates with the youths.


The programme can culminate with a showcase of product or service ideas at the end of the workshops. Scaffolded "learning by doing" can be designed for students across all levels.

Gallup-Strengths @ Play™ for Students

The young and energetic teens can be at their BEST when they are aware of their unique strengths and ingenious powers. They can be more self-assured and gain confidence in understanding how they can be active contributors. 


This fun-filled programme is helmed by Gallup-certified coaches to guide learners to reach their infinite potential. Learners will complete a self-assessment tool which provides insights on their unique talents. During the workshop, they will learn more about their own strengths and experience how different strengths complement each other in a team.

This programme can be customised for developing personal effectiveness, team collaboration or student leadership.


Interview Clinic & Professional Image   

Designed for students preparing for Direct School Admission applications, this workshop can be delivered via synchronous online learning with scalability to reach your full cohort.


The learners will gain useful skills to ACE their interviews. They will be equipped to respond to questions in a clear and professional manner that brings out their best self. This workshop also includes personal grooming for a professional image. These are useful life-long skills for all students!


Learners will prepare for an interview and hone their interview skills through role-play simulations, where they provide constructive feedback to their peers based on a determined set of criteria.

Learning Beyond Classroom

Hands-on Experience


Innovation Lab Experience:

  • Ideation

  • Collaborative Creativity

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Experimentation

LifeSkills Role-Plays

Situational Learning:​

  • Interview Clinic

  • Personal Grooming

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Customer Service Skills

Know-how in Action

Application of Techniques:

  • Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Personal Selling

  • Project Management

Simulated OJT

​On-the-job Training:

  • Website Creation

  • App Design

  • Mobile Photography 

  • Social Media Content

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