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Innovation &

Students will experience a slice of life as budding innovators, going through an experiential learning journey from product concept creation to pitching with storytelling! They will participate in hackathons and conceptualise a product concept from scratch, from themes provided. 

This workshop will also inspire students through success stories of real-world startups and innovative products and services that resonate with the youths.


The programme can culminate with a showcase of product or service ideas at the end of the workshops. Scaffolded "learning by doing" can be designed for students across all levels.


Gallup-Strengths @ Play™
for Students

The young and energetic teens can be at their BEST when they are aware of their unique strengths and ingenious powers. They can be more self-assured and gain the confidence to contribute actively in school and at home.


This programme is helmed by Gallup-certified coaches. Students will complete a self-assessment tool which provides insights on their unique talents. They will learn about their own strengths and how different strengths complement each other in a team.

This programme is suitable for developing personal effectiveness, team collaboration or student leadership.


Interview Clinic &
Professional Image   

Designed for students preparing for Direct School Admission applications, this workshop can be delivered via synchronous online learning with scalability to reach a whole cohort.


The learners will gain useful skills to ACE their Interviews. They will be equipped to respond to questions in a clear and professional manner that brings out their best self. This workshop also includes personal grooming for a professional image which are useful life-long skills!


Learners will hone their interview skills through role-play simulations, where they provide constructive feedback to their peers.

Learning Beyond Classroom
Hands-on Experience


Innovation Lab Experience:

  • Ideation

  • Collaborative Creativity

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Experimentation

LifeSkills Role-Plays

Situational Learning:​

  • Interview Clinic

  • Personal Grooming

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Customer Service Skills

Know-how in Action

Application of Techniques:

  • Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Personal Selling

  • Project Management

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