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Ignite the TALENTS of individuals and grow them into STRENGTHS with Gallup CliftonStrengths coaching and workshops designed for 4 key audiences: Businesses | Educators & Students | Individuals | Family, facilitated by experienced Gallup-Certified coaches.


 An Excellent Tool to Develop and Maximise Individual’s Potentials

For decades, the CliftonStrengths Assessment, backed by extensive research, has helped people discover their strengths. Learn how the assessment and its application for strengths-based development empowers people to reach their infinite potential.


Every individual has talents - they are our innate, natural abilities that can be applied productively in many areas of our lives. Investing in our Talents by practising or using them will add knowledge and skills that lead to the mastery of STRENGTHS. Help your teams discover a new understanding that view each team member as a uniquely powerful individual.

Find out more about our series of exciting Strengths-Based Programmes!



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Human capital is an asset to any organization. Gallup research has shown that staff engagement increases performance and job satisfaction by 6 times when people are happy at what they are working on when they are driven to perform by their strengths!   Grooming and preparing a strong team of high performing individuals is invaluable. They are builders of positive culture, while embracing an evolving business landscape with readiness and agility.

Strengths-based LEADERSHIP @ Play ™

Focus on your strengths and use the right strength at the right time to lead, inspire and deliver superior results. Our unique program explores strengths-dynamics that influences team & impact on business.

Strengths-based TEAM @ Play ™

Synergies are greater than the net effect of a solo maverick. A high performing team is courageous and not afraid of conflicts - they build upon each other’s innate abilities and increases team performance. 

Strengths-based CULTURE @ Play ™

When change is the only constant in VUCA times. The infiltration of change champions is driven by their natural capabilities,  infusing a courageous perspective, growth mindset and learning culture.



Educators who are fully aware of their unique talents and strengths will be energised to develop students’ potentials while keeping them engaged and connected in the fabric of school-life. The impartation of life skills goes beyond the classroom and such opportunities can build within this common, nurturing language of affirmation in a boundless way.

Strengths @ Play ™ for EDUCATORS

Explore the Strengths-based approach cum tailor-made program aimed to empower educators to recharge, refresh and reimagine the inspirations as an educator and how this can be transposed to their teaching team and student bodies to unlock potentials and bring out the best in others in their roles, performance and learning outcomes.  

Strengths @ Play ™ for STUDENTS

Designed for the young and the restless, pre-teens, teens and young adults. The angst, energy and radical vibes can be tuned and fine-tuned when these individuals gain greater understanding of their IDENTITY. The awareness of their strengths, associated ingenious powers, overcoming glare factor and making the BEST of their talents for growth and maturity is possible with Gallup's StrengthsExplorer® and StrengthsFinder® frameworks. This fun-filled program is run for Secondary schools, Tertiary institutions and Undergrads in Singapore.


Are you just starting out in your career or you have been working for decades? Very often, we are driven by our passion and the spark that keeps us going can take its toll. However, when we gain a greater or deeper understanding of the driving force or talents that keep us enthused to hone our abilities, we can feel more assured and empowered when we navigate into the future. 


If you are able to use your Strengths @ Work, your overall quality of life increases by 6 times according to Gallup Research. No kidding. :)

Strengths-based PERSONAL BRANDING @ Play ™

Familiar brands speak volumes. From Milo to Google, Visa to Grab, the bonds they build with us is beyond a face in the crowd or just another action-verb. The authenticity and consistent positioning builds trust, connections and lifetime value. In a similar manner, as individuals, we are truly unique. With Strength-based PERSONAL BRANDING, we endeavour to highlight those special TRADEMARKS that make you – YOU!   To map your profile for success in your career  and purpose-driven life.


To love is a given. To nurture is growth. Are we like mirrors to our beloved children? Parenthood does get even more challenging in current times. We can glean more insights with Gallup's StrengthsExplorer® and StrengthsFinder® frameworks to enjoy fruitful journeys with our children in their milestones of development!

Strengths-based MIRRORING @ Play ™

Every time you look into a mirror, an image is reflected. Little ears are listening, eyes are watching. Children mirror the behaviours of their role models. Bring out the BEST in you and in them. Establish a common, love language of encouragements - built upon the insights from TALENTS to STRENGTHS with our Strength-based MIRRORING @ Play™ program, lovingly hand-made for Dad & Child, Mum & Child or Family bonding sessions.

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